Green Waste & Compost

Residents of El Cerrito can now put food scraps and food-soiled paper along with yard trimmings in their green waste toters for weekly curbside collection.

YES in the green cart:

Yard Waste
Grass clippings, yard trimmings, tree branches (up to 3 feet), weeds, leaves, flowers, pine needles, fruits and vegetables, unpainted or untreated wood scraps.
Food Scraps and Food- soiled paper
Fruits and vegetables, food scraps (meat, bones, bread, pasta, egg shells, coffee grounds, and dairy). Paper plates, paper cups, napkins, paper bags.

NOT allowed in the green cart:

Plastic bags
Milk and juice cartons
Lawn sod
Ash or burned material
Painted or treated wood
Pet waste or manure
Dirt, rock, sand or concrete

What Goes in What Can

What goes in what can – English version
What goes in what can – Spanish version
What goes in what can – Chinese version

Christmas Tree Recycling

Unflocked, natural Christmas trees free of tinsel, ornaments, stands, etc. will be collected as part of your green waste pick up on your scheduled collection day through the second full week of January. After that period you can contact our office to arrange for tree removal for a charge. If possible, we request that trees be cut down and placed in your green waste cart. If this is not possible, place your tree next to your green waste cart and it will be taken.

Please remember that any materials extending beyond the rim of any cart will be subject to an extra charge or your cart not being picked up.

The only holidays resulting in collection interruption are Christmas Day and New Years Day. During those weeks, customers whose collection day falls on or after the holiday, pickup will be one day late.