Residential Services

Residential Services

Service is provided in partnership with the City of El Cerrito.

El Cerrito City Ordinance requires that all occupied properties must subscribe to weekly solid waste collection service. Please note that although service may be ordered and paid for by a household tenant, it is the owner of the property that is ultimately liable for the cost of service if the tenant, lessee, or occupant does not pay or is unable to pay the bill in a timely manner.

As of January 1, 2022, you must sort your recyclables and organic waste including paper, cardboard, yard waste, food scraps, and food soiled paper from the garbage. It's the law!


Collection Services

Residential service includes weekly collection of:

Pricing is based on the size garbage cart you choose.

You get three weekly services for one monthly rate!



Residential Cart Options

When you set up service, a customer service representative will review the cart and size options with you to help you select the appropriate size garbage/landfill cart for your needs. Services are billed three (3) times per year and include four (4) months of service.

Garbage / Landfill Carts

Garbage/Landfill carts are available in 20, 32, 64-gallon sizes. You may upsize your garbage cart or add an additional cart for an increased monthly rate.

All materials in the blue carts go directly to the landfill and are not sorted for recyclables. Save resources and potentially save money by sorting materials properly!

El Cerrito Garbage Cart Options


Recycling Cart

A residential recycling cart is only available in a 64-gallon size.

El Cerrito Recycling Cart Option

Green Waste/Food Scraps Cart

The residential Green Waste/Food Scraps Cart is only available in a 64-gallon size.

El Cerrito Green Waste Cart Option

Residential Monthly Service Rates

Collection Charge
Total Monthly Rate
20 GAL Mini Cart $25.49 $19.23 $44.72
35 GAL Cart $37.58 $21.02 $58.60
64 GAL Cart $75.17 $41.20 $116.37

Collection Guidelines

Cart Set-out Rules

East Bay Sanitary uses fully automated trucks to help improve collection efficiency and reduce costs. These trucks have a mechanical arm that reaches out and wraps around the carts them up, and empties the cart's content into the top of the truck. Because of this, it is essential they are placed out for collection correctly.


Toter Set out Rules


  • Please place recycling carts on the street with the wheels against the curb the night before or by 6 a.m. on your collection day. Carts should not be angled.
  • Leave 2 feet between carts and place them 4 feet from cars, power poles, mail boxes, trees or other objects.
  • The area should be free of overhead branches and /or power lines.
  • Materials placed outside of the recycling cart will not be picked up.
  • Do not overfill carts.
    • Lids must close completely to minimize spillage during the emptying process. Please remember that any materials extending beyond the rim of any cart will be subject to an extra charge or your cart not being picked up.
    • Do not compact any waste into carts. Contents must be able to fall freely from cart when it is turned upside down.
  • Bag all cold ashes (no hot ashes please!), kitty litter, sawdust, and Styrofoam before placing in the cart.
  • Carts that are not set out on time or customers that want to skip their collection are not eligible for credit.
  • Remove your carts from the street by 7:00 p.m. on your collection day to keep your neighbors happy and your community attractive.

Because collection is provided by two entities, all services may not be collected on the same day each week. Your collection days will be reviewed with you by the customer service representative when you set up services.

Collection Issues

Did we miss collecting your cart(s) or did you forget to set them out?

  • If our driver skips collection, please call our office. If your miss is discovered after office hours, please leave a message on our 24-hour voice mail system at 510.237.4321 so we can send the driver back the following morning.
  • If you accidentally forgot to set-out your cart(s), please call our office hours and ask for driver to take an extra bag the next pick-up day equal to your missed collection without charge.
  • If you cannot wait until the next week to set-out extra garbage and/or yard waste, we can go back and empty the cart(s) for an additional $25 per cart.


Recycling Collection Issue

Please refer any questions about recycling collection to the El Cerrito Recycling Center at 510.215.4350.

Extra Garbage/Yard Waste

If you have extra garbage or green waste that does not fit inside your cart, you must call East Bay Sanitary office at least one (1) business day before your collection day and before 2:00 p. m.

  • There is a charge for extra garbage or green waste/food scraps.
  • Extra yard waste must be placed in special recyclable yard waste paper bags that can be purchased at your local hardware store. You may also use a reusable container that can be safely dumped and placed back at the curb.
  • Extra garbage should be bagged tightly and or placed a reusable container that can be safely dumped and placed back at the curb.
  • Please keep yard waste bags and reusable containers to a 30lb weight limit.

On occasion, our driver might tag your cart when a can is overloaded and you will be charged for the extra garbage or green waste even though an order was not called in.

Bulky Item Pick-up

Please call the East Bay Sanitary office at 510.237.4321 to schedule a pick-up or free estimate.

We are able to haul bulky items including furniture, mattresses, refrigerators, and other larger items, for an extra charge. East Bay Sanitary will recycle these items whenever cost efficient and pass the savings on to you.

Special Services for The Elderly/Disabled

Backyard collection service is available at no extra cost. Call East Bay Sanitary at 510-237-4321 to request an application for backyard service.

Vacation Policy

Households that are going on vacation for a minimum of 1 month or more may call our office to put their service on vacation hold. Credit will be issued only to advance requests with a minimum of four consecutive weeks of interrupted service. A $40.00 processing and reinstatement fee will be assessed to all vacation stops.

Holiday Collection Schedule

The only holidays resulting in collection interruption are Christmas and New Year’s Day for both East Bay Sanitary and the City of El Cerrito. There is no service interruption for December 25, 2021 or January 1, 2022 since they fall on a Saturday this year.

Christmas Tree Recycling

  • Unflocked, natural Christmas trees free of tinsel, ornaments, stands, etc. will be collected as part of your green waste pick up on your scheduled collection day through the second full week of January.
  • After this period, you can contact our office to arrange for tree removal for a charge. If possible, we request that trees be cut down and placed in your green waste cart. If this is not possible, place your tree next to your green waste cart and it will be taken.

Need some compost for your garden?

Check out the City of El Cerrito’s website for details on when this is offered to residents.

El Cerrito Compost